Blackland Prairie at White Rock Lake (Unit 2)

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Discover the Blackland Prairies of White Rock Lake!

The Blackland Prairies of the White Rock Lake area in Dallas, Texas, are a unique part of our ecosystem. 

The Native Prairies Association of Texas describes a prairie as “a type of ecosystem made mostly of grasses, but it also has flowering plants along with some shrubs and trees.”  

White Rock Lake is home to 16 remaining remnant blocks of prairie, encompassing 162 acres that are considered tall grass prairies. Although these prairies may not match what you envision as endless miles of tall grass blowing in the wind, they are a small surviving reminder of the past. All 16 of these locations have very similar characteristics including soil composition, flora and fauna, so visiting any of these areas would provide an excellent model of the others. Unit 2 is one of these remnants  and is a 13 acre parcel of land near the northeast end of White Rock Lake, just north of Mockingbird Lane and next to Buckner Blvd.  Learn more about the history of this area and the efforts to preserve this ecosystem.

We hope that you will join us by taking advantage of the tools provided in this website to learn more about the story of this unique natural resource here in our own backyard.  

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Learn about various wildlife that reside in and around Unit 2.


Learn about various plants that grow in and around Unit 2.